Telekinesis is a paranormal phenomenon through which an individual can influence or manipulate objects using their mind, without any physical contact.


The term “telekinesis” is derived from the Greek words “tele” meaning “distance” and “kinesis” meaning “movement”. It is often referred to as psychokinesis or mind over matter.

How telekinesis works:

Telekinesis suggests that humans have the ability to manipulate physical objects or exert force on them through the power of their mind alone. This could involve lifting, rotating, or even levitating objects, as well as influencing the trajectory of movables.

Evidence and skeptics:

While various anecdotal accounts and popular culture references have depicted telekinesis, its existence has not been scientifically proven. Skeptics argue that apparent telekinetic events can often be explained by psychological illusions or trickery.

Related phenomena:

Telekinesis is often associated with other paranormal phenomena such as telepathy (mind-to-mind communication), precognition (ability to foresee future events), and clairvoyance (ability to perceive hidden information).

Scientific research:

Although telekinesis hasn’t been conclusively validated, some parapsychologists and researchers continue to explore its potential existence through controlled experiments and studies.

Depictions in popular culture:

Telekinesis is a popular theme in movies, books, and video games, often portraying characters with superhuman abilities to move objects with their minds.