Systemic Constellations


Systemic constellations are a therapeutic approach that originated from family constellations, developed by Bert Hellinger. This method explores the hidden dynamics and interpersonal patterns within a system (such as a family, organization, or community) by using representative elements to create a living map of the system. Through this process, systemic constellations aim to uncover and resolve entanglements, conflicts, and unresolved issues that may be impacting the well-being of individuals and the entire system.

Key Elements

The key elements of systemic constellations include:

  • Representatives: Individuals or objects chosen to stand for the different elements of the system, such as family members or significant factors.
  • Constellation: The arrangement of representatives in the therapeutic space to generate a visual representation of the system’s dynamics and structure.
  • Unconscious Knowing: Systemic constellations emphasize the power of the unconscious mind to access hidden information and reveal underlying systemic patterns.
  • Entanglements: Systemic constellations consider the impact of unresolved past traumas, loyalties, and intergenerational patterns that may lead to entanglements within a system.
  • Resolutions: The aim of systemic constellations is to reach resolutions by acknowledging and respecting the natural order within the system, bringing about healing, balance, and harmony.


Systemic constellations find applications in various areas, including:

  • Family Systems: Exploring family dynamics, resolving conflicts, understanding generational patterns, and fostering healing.
  • Organizational Systems: Addressing issues within teams, improving communication, identifying hidden obstacles, and enhancing productivity.
  • Health and Well-being: Uncovering the root causes of physical or psychological ailments, facilitating healing, and promoting personal growth and resilience.
  • Social Systems: Understanding societal challenges, addressing cultural conflicts, recognizing systemic inequalities, and promoting social justice.


The benefits of systemic constellations can include:

  • Insights into hidden systemic dynamics and patterns
  • Resolution of entanglements and conflicts
  • Enhanced understanding and empathy within relationships and systems
  • Healing and transformation of deep-seated issues
  • Promotion of personal and collective well-being
  • Development of systemic awareness and systemic thinking