Definition of Succubus:

A succubus refers to a supernatural entity or female demon that appears in folklore, legends, and mythology. This seductive demon is typically depicted as an alluring woman who enters the dreams of males to engage in sexual activity or drain their life force.

Main Characteristics:

  • Seductive: Succubi have an irresistible and enchanting appearance, often using their beauty to lure victims.
  • Dream Intrusion: They can enter the dreams of individuals, specifically targeting men, and engage in sexual encounters while they sleep.
  • Life Energy Drain: Succubi are known for feeding off the life force, energy, or vitality of their victims, weakening them physically and mentally.
  • Shape-shifting Abilities: They possess the ability to change their form, adapting to the desires and fantasies of their prey.

Origin and Cultural Significance:

In various cultures and belief systems, succubi are believed to be a type of female demon that tempts men, causing nocturnal emissions or nightmares. These legends have roots in medieval European folklore but similar entities can be found in other ancient mythologies as well.

Popular Representation:

Succubi continue to be a prevalent concept in modern literature, art, films, and role-playing games. They often serve as antagonists or seductive femme fatale characters, captivating audiences with their dark allure and mysterious nature.