Stereophonics is a British rock band formed in 1992, hailing from the village of Cwmaman in Wales.


  1. Formation
  2. The band was formed in 1992.

  3. Origin
  4. The Stereophonics originate from Cwmaman, Wales.

  5. Genre
  6. They are known for their rock sound, with influences from alternative rock, post-Britpop, and indie rock.

  7. Discography
  8. Stereophonics have released multiple studio albums, such as “Word Gets Around” (1997), “Performance and Cocktails” (1999), and “Just Enough Education to Perform” (2001).

  9. Commercial Success
  10. The band has achieved significant commercial success with numerous chart-topping singles and albums in the United Kingdom.

  11. Notable Hits
  12. Some of Stereophonics’ notable hits include “Dakota,” “Local Boy in the Photograph,” and “Have a Nice Day.”

  13. Live Performances
  14. Stereophonics are known for their energetic and engaging live performances.

  15. Awards and Recognition
  16. The band has received several awards and nominations throughout their career, including Brit Awards and NME Awards.

  17. Musical Style
  18. Their musical style is characterized by powerful vocals, catchy melodies, and guitar-driven rock compositions.

  19. Influence
  20. Stereophonics have influenced and inspired numerous upcoming bands and musicians in the alternative rock scene.

  21. Ongoing Career
  22. The band continues to create and release music, delighting their dedicated fanbase worldwide.