Somatotype refers to a classification system that categorizes human body types based on certain physical characteristics like height, weight, body shape, and metabolism.


An ectomorph is a somatotype characterized by a slender and lean body with little body fat or muscle mass. Ectomorphs typically have a fast metabolism and find it difficult to gain weight or muscle.


A mesomorph is a somatotype characterized by a muscular and well-defined physique. Mesomorphs tend to have an athletic build, with good muscle tone and a moderate metabolism. They have an easier time gaining and maintaining muscle mass.


An endomorph is a somatotype characterized by a higher body fat percentage and a rounder body shape. Endomorphs often have a slower metabolism and struggle with losing weight.

Body Types:

These somatotypes are not mutually exclusive, and most individuals exhibit a combination of characteristics from two or more body types. The classification provides a broad understanding of how an individual’s body may respond to various forms of exercise, nutrition, and overall lifestyle.