Sidney Farber

Sidney Farber was an American pediatric pathologist and oncologist, renowned for his pioneering work in cancer research and the development of chemotherapy for treating leukemia.


Sidney Farber was born on September 30, 1903, in Buffalo, New York. He completed his medical degree at Harvard Medical School in 1927 and went on to pursue a career in pathology and oncology.

Contributions to Cancer Research

Farber’s most significant contribution to the field of cancer research was his discovery that certain chemicals, specifically aminopterin and methotrexate, could effectively induce remission in children with acute leukemia. This breakthrough marked a turning point in cancer treatment and laid the foundation for modern chemotherapy.

Foundation of the Jimmy Fund

In 1948, Farber established the Children’s Cancer Research Foundation, which later became known as the Jimmy Fund in honor of a young leukemia patient named Jimmy, whose treatment was partially funded by a radio broadcast appeal. The Jimmy Fund has since become one of the most prominent fundraising efforts for pediatric cancer research.


Sidney Farber’s groundbreaking research and advocacy for cancer patients significantly influenced the field of oncology. His work paved the way for further advancements in cancer treatment and brought hope to countless children and adults battling this devastating disease.