Selective Optimization With Compensation


Selective Optimization With Compensation (SOC) is a psychological theory that explains the adaptive process individuals employ to maintain or enhance their psychological well-being and performance in the face of age-related changes or functional declines.


1. Adaptive Process:

SOC describes the ongoing and dynamic nature of human adaptation to changing circumstances and conditions.

2. Psychological Well-being:

SOC emphasizes the importance of maintaining positive emotions, satisfaction, and a sense of purpose in life.

3. Performance Enhancement:

SOC involves strategies and behaviors aimed at optimizing performance in various domains, such as cognitive, physical, and social functioning.

4. Age-related Changes:

SOC acknowledges that aging is accompanied by physiological, cognitive, and social changes that require adjustment and adaptation.

5. Functional Declines:

SOC addresses the challenges individuals face when they experience limitations or deficits in performing activities they previously accomplished with ease.