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The sclera is the tough, fibrous, and opaque outermost layer of the eyeball. Also known as the white of the eye, it surrounds and protects the delicate structures of the eye.


The sclera is composed mainly of collagen fibers and provides shape, support, and mechanical protection to the eyeball. It covers approximately five-sixths of the eye’s surface.


The primary function of the sclera is to maintain the shape and integrity of the eye. It acts as a defense mechanism, shielding the sensitive inner structures from injury, environmental elements, and excessive light.


Typically, the sclera appears as a bright white, although it can vary in color and may have a slightly translucent appearance in certain individuals. It can be examined by a healthcare professional to evaluate the overall health of the eye.


Various conditions or diseases can affect the sclera, leading to discoloration, inflammation, or changes in its texture. Some common scleral pathologies include scleritis (inflammation), jaundice (yellowing), and pinguecula (yellowish growth).