Raymond Cattell


Raymond Cattell was a British and American psychologist who made significant contributions to the fields of personality theory, psychological assessment, and behavior genetics. He is best known for his development of the 16 Personality Factors (16PF) questionnaire and his research on intelligence.

Personality Factors:

Cattell believed that personality could be understood through the analysis of underlying traits or factors. He identified 16 primary personality factors that together describe the various dimensions of human personality, such as extraversion, anxiety, and dominance.

Psychological Assessment:

Cattell’s work in psychological assessment involved the development of new statistical techniques to measure and analyze personality traits. He introduced the concept of factor analysis as a method for identifying and interpreting underlying dimensions of personality.

Behavior Genetics:

In addition to his work in personality psychology, Cattell also made significant contributions to the field of behavior genetics. He studied the genetic and environmental factors that influence human behavior, aiming to understand the interplay between nature and nurture.


Raymond Cattell’s research and theories continue to be influential in the field of psychology. His work laid the foundation for modern personality assessment and provided valuable insights into the genetic and environmental influences on human behavior.