Purity refers to a state or condition of being pure, which signifies the absence of impurities, contaminants, or pollutants.

Physical Purity

Physical purity refers to the absence of any foreign substances or impurities in a tangible or material form. It implies the state of being uncontaminated or unadulterated.

Chemical Purity

Chemical purity indicates the degree to which a substance is free from impurities or additional elements. It is measured by the concentration or proportion of the desired chemical compound in a sample.

Moral Purity

Moral purity relates to the righteousness, ethical soundness, and integrity of an individual’s thoughts, actions, and behavior. It suggests adherence to high moral standards and principles.

Conceptual Purity

Conceptual purity refers to the clarity, coherence, and lack of ambiguity in a concept, theory, or idea. It reflects the absence of contradictions, inconsistencies, or convoluted notions within the framework of a particular concept.